Environmental Assessments and Auditing

Environmental Impact Assessments and ESIA

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic examination conducted to determine whether an activity or project will have any adverse impact on the environment.
It is a tool which seeks to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and reduces risks, hazards and vulnerabilities at all stages of the project: planning, design, construction, operation and decommissioning.
At IHC, our Lead Experts who are registered by NEMA undertake your EIA requirements and provide your EIA licenses in the shortest possible duration.

ESHIA – There is not only a need to determine the Environment impacts of new projects in Kenya, but also to determine the Social impacts of those projects. IHC has qualified resource persons to undertake your ESIA requirements.

Environmental Auditing

An environmental audit is a crucial tool to ensure that your operation is in complete compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. At IHC, we understand that your facility may be regulated by Local Environmental laws, and that keeping on top of these regulations is no easy task. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the auditing you can depend on, regardless of which industry or work environment you operate in.

Climate Change

We work with various organizations to create actionable strategies that enhance markets and livelihoods through adaptation to climate change. We can help you prioritize your resources and protect your investments by offering Local & National Resilience Policy, Vulnerability Assessments, Business Continuity Planning, Risk Reduction Strategies and Tools, Community Engagement and Partnerships.