Occupational Health & Safety Auditing

Undertaking an OHS Audit (or OHS Review) will assist your business evaluate how effectively your safety processes have been implemented. Once a business has an OHS Management System (OHSMS) it is important that the business regularly audits the OHSMS (as a whole or by elements), to evaluate if it is operating as expected. When undertaken correctly, strategically an OHS audit program will assist a business to continue to improve its safety performance, by improving the management of foreseeable workplace OHS hazards.

Our experienced auditors are accredited Lead auditors. This will give you the confidence that your audit scope will be met. The OHS audit methodology IHC adopts will assist businesses of all sizes across all industries improve their workplace safety performance. Our methodology identifies the strengths of how a business manages workplace safety and the opportunities that are available to the business to improve their workplace safety performance.

Our proactive approach provides businesses with a more effective experience and OHS audit outcomes as compared to an audit schedule that simply focuses on what a business is doing wrong. Our OHS audit service includes:

  • OHS Management systems audits as required under OHS Act 2007
  • Fire Risk assessment audits as required under OHS Act 2007
  • OHS Management System (OHSMS) Audits (against ISO18001)
  • Site-Specific OHS Audits
  • Project Specific OHS Audits
  • OHS Audits as requested by Customers and Suppliers
  • Development of Internal OHS Audit Programs.
  • OHS Legal Compliance audits
Occupational Health and Safety Auditing