Work Place Risk Assessments

IHC Risk Assessment methods are easy and practical tools to identify hazards at work and to ensure compliance with the appropriate safety regulations and good practice. Workplace risk assessment is one of the most ineffectively implemented safety activities.

There is a need for practical methods to save time and resources and to give maximum prevention results. The focus should not be on assessing all risks on paper, but to remove and control the hazards in practice. This is the principle of the IHC Risk Assessments methods. OHS legislation and standards are based on scientific studies and long experience of different hazards and stress factors at work. Most accidents and negative health effects in the workplace can be avoided when these OHS standards are followed. Thus, the main task of workplace risk assessment is to identify the hazards and ensure compliance with the appropriate standard.

Our Risk Assessment consists of a modular hazard and control based check tool for hazard identification, and a risk assessment matrix. The hazard check tool includes a limited number of questions concerning the main types of hazards and stress factors. Each question also includes the basic requirements of the relevant safety standards, which makes the method easy to use for people who are not safety experts.

The severity and probability of possible negative health effects are the two dimensions of the traditional risk assessment matrixes. In single cases, it is very difficult to evaluate the probability of future events. However, in the IHC Risk Assessment Matrix this dimension is replaced with an evaluation of the present controls, which is a much easier task to do. Logically, when the control meets the OHS standards, the probability of negative health effects is low.

This evaluation immediately indicates the possible needs for further preventive actions. Let IHC undertake all your Work Place Risk assessments and help you manage and mitigate all imminent risks that you face while undertaking your business activities.

Work Place Risk Assessments